Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a great day yesterday was!

Here are some things we did to fill our fantastic snow day...

Fun things to do when it snows...

Take pictures... Get your camera and take some pictures of the winter beauty. It is short and fleeting, so take advantage of that newly fallen snow. Use the day to make a family picture, or take silly pictures of yourselves playing in the snow.

Build a snowman... Put on your boots and waterproof gloves and get t work! Or, if snowmen aren't your thing - use your feet to scrape a message in the snow. (You can even use food coloring in a spray bottle to make it stand out.)

Have a snowball fight... There's nothing more playful than a total free-for-all in the snow. (You can even make some forts to hide behind.) Everyone against everyone, no teams allowed. Just run around and practice your throws.

Make a snow angel... There's just something fun about lying on the ground and making a pretty angel in the snow. Make a family of snow angels, or build a snowman for each family member, and decorate them. Or, try to catch a snowflake on your tongue. (It's harder than it looks.)

Watch the snowfall... Sit inside on the window seat, or if you have a covered porch watch from outdoors. The snowfall is such a peaceful scene. What a great way to pass a little time. Have a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider to keep warm. Yum!

Roast some marshmallows... If you have one of those little fire pits for your deck you can roast marshmallows over it. If you have an indoor fireplace, go inside and sit in front of the crackling fire for a few hours. Maybe even tell a story or two.

Go sledding... If you have a hill nearby and are feeling adventurous, get your sled out and go for a spin. Just watch out for trees!

Put on a show... Who doesn't love to perform!? Ask if they would like to: act out a scene from a movie, lip sync to a hit song, read aloud from a book and use funny voices, or showcase another talent.

Bring out the board games... There's nothing quite like spending time doing something that everyone can join in on. Grab some board games and enjoy some friendly competition.

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