Monday, February 1, 2010

Posing Choreography

My favorite activity is one that involves a lot of movement, and is fun for children of many ages. It's called "posing choreography". basically I have them walk around to the beat of their favorite music - when I clap my hands, they are to strike a pose - any pose; as creative and complicated as possible. The poses can be laying down, up on tippy-toes, or anywhere in between. Then, when I clap my hands again, they go back to walking. This can be done literally with any type of music (changing it from classical to pop is really interesting) and you can speed it up so that they are doing one pose after another - changing when you clap your hands. The trick is they have to stay perfectly still when they are in pose. You can spice it up by requiring every pose to be touching another person (if there are more then one) or change levels (low to ground, standing, or reaching up). The amazing thing about this game is that no matter who is playing it is actually very beautiful an inspiring to watch - and for all you choreographers out there, it is a very easy and very sophisticated way to begin choreographing a new dance. If you ever have a performance with children, this is a great way to create seamless choreography on even the youngest children that looks good. And they always have a blast doing it, and feel confidence in themselves as well because it is easy for them.


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