Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Use Your Imagination!

When the cold days of NYC confine us to the indoors, its time to use your imagination! I will have a brief "huddle" with parents and children to see if there is a specific agenda, and will incorporate that into our creative plans. The children and I then brainstorm and create a list of what is "topical" and important to them. This could be something they learned in school, a new favorite pop song, an upcoming holiday, or a favorite movie. A great example was a recent Will Wonka Day Talent show that a close family of mine and I created! We created an audience of cut-out faces, all shapes and sizes, and gave them personal names and backgrounds. We all had a task, like coloring and cutting out shapes. We applied them to our "audience" wall and then moved on to our next sweet creation. We decided 5 lucky audience members would receive our homemade Golden Ticket Bars! We recycled some old halloween candy and funky ingredients like cereal sprinkles and fruit and created graham cracker sandwiches. We ended with a well rehearsed and approved pop song sing and dance. The whole family played a part from the host to the dancers to the audience, with special guest Mom and Dad. It was a great project that was not only fun, but demonstrated creative personal choices, music, and the idea of putting a show together from start to finish!

Jennifer Bartels

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  1. Just wanted to say "thanks" to you guys today (and Tiffan especially). You really solved a crisis for me, and I'm so glad I've (finally!) connected with you! - Rebecca Granne